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Stereophile’s Records to Die For 2020

Records to Die For 2017


This year’s R2D4 includes 45 recommendations from 23 writers.

One writer—Art Dudley—made just one selection, hence the odd number. Several others chose multidisc sets—including Sasha Matson’s 14-disc Ravel set. If a record has been reviewed before in Stereophile, either as a record review or in a previous R2D4, we’ll indicate the issue it was in, like this: (Vol.40 No.3).

There’s easily 100 hours of music here, enough to keep you out of trouble for a while. So enjoy. And whatever happens, you should avoid tackling well-armed people in your pajamas (footnote 1). Just let them go. You can probably find another copy on Discogs.

Note: If a recording listed here was previously reviewed in Stereophile, whether in “Record Reviews” or in a past edition of “Records to Die For,” the volume and number of the pertinent issue(s) appear in parentheses at the end of the review. For example, a listing of “(Vol.39 No.1)” indicates that a review of the recording appeared in the January 2016 issue.